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  Welcome to the Grace Community Baptist Church website.  When we think of church we can't help but think of Grace.  God's Grace was given at the Cross over 2000 years ago and is the greatest gift we could hope for.  We exist in a world with many troubles.  Everyone has an answer to our problems.  Many find the answers of the world shallow and quick to wane away.  Here at Grace we know that Jesus is the real answer we have all hoped for.  If you like conservative Bible preaching and teaching, we are here for you.  Jesus said, “The truth shall set men free” and we do our utmost to share God's Word on a level that not only everyone can understand but can relate to.  We even address the facts about sin.  Yes, sin is an issue we don't hear much about in today's world.  We offer practical answers for today's problems.  We are family here.  Please take the time and visit with us this coming Lord's Day.

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